• Emily DeForest

Here it is.

Okay so here it is- The creation of The Second Thought Collective. A platform for any and all thoughts. I want to cultivate a safe space for expression- ALL EXPRESSION. Gimme your ugly, gimme your vomit, gimme your oppression- gimme your total experience of what it feels like to be alive.

I've been feeling so much lately about how all of the content I take in is such a smoke screen to make it seem like we're all doing okay- the world is burning around me but at least I'm still skinny and pretty, right? But that curation can sometimes be just another barrier between us- making us feel more alone in this ever shrinking world.

I wanna be asked the big questions- why are we alive? what is my purpose? why do goodbyes make me sad?

I wanna be asked the little questions- what did you dream last night? fave forms of self care? does my body hair offend?

THE GAME IS- Every month there will be a plethora of voices featured RIGHT HERE. If you'd like to submit, send me your shit- all words are welcome here.

Also if words arent your fave form of expression- send me whatever makes your heart sing-


Namaste y'all, lets get it.

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