• Emily DeForest

a whole new world

it's been a few months since the last post of STC was published. in these past few months a lot of revaluation has happened as to what the format of this online platform would look like regarding format, features, and frequency.

Here are the major changes:

1. the zine will now be quarterly!! meaning every two months the deadline for submission will roll around. Giving more time for readers and creaters to process and CREATE.

2. the zine will now feature a promo page! So if your art is expressed in a non-online kinda way- there's now a place in which you can promote! Doesn't matter what city you live in or place you're performing! The online oyster is all yours <3 $ <3 $

3. my personal favorite: every issue will feature ONE SPOTLIGHT ARTIST! This spotlight includes an interview and exploration of this singular artist's process, werks, and quirkssss.

The core of this platform remains the same. In each and every one of us there is a creative being- it's an innate part of being a living breathing human bean- just as innate as your next meal, your next sleep, your next fart. With this belief, I've created this online platform in which anybody and everybody has a place to feature their works (whatever that expression may be).



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